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In order to preserve the rich musical tradition the AGO upholds, the Guild relies on the vision and energies of its members and volunteer leaders. Along with a paid staff at the National Headquarters, the AGO, through its National Council and volunteer leadership, sustains a number of significant programs.

Over the years, the needs and expectations of the profession and our membership have grown. To meet these needs, the Guild must expand its funding, since dues cover only about half of the operating expenses of the national organization. The AGO is an organization of volunteers. When volunteers assume leadership positions, they must be provided with the training, materials, and staff support to do their jobs successfully.

In order to plan, launch, and sustain new programs, and to support them with volunteer and professional personnel, additional funds are needed beyond the traditional sources – membership dues, advertising revenue from THE AMERICAN ORGANIST magazine, and sale of educational materials.

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Finance and Development Committee

Calvert Johnson, DM, Director
11150 Big Canoe
102 Highland Farms Ct
Big Canoe, GA 30143
404-373-0748 (c)
706-268-1049 (h/f)

Leslie Wolf Robb
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School
1376 Felspar St.
San Diego, CA 92109
Church: 858-272-4338
Fax: 858-272-4397
Cell: 858-735-4338

J. Michael McCrary
236 Montclair Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74104-2128
918-640-0378 (h)
918-631-2793 (w)
918-631- 2164 (fax)

Marcia Van Oyen, AAGO, DMA, Director
3249 Rockcress Court
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
W: 734-453-5280, x25
H: 734-213-3709
Fax: 734-453-0375

Robert Lee Mays
28105 Plantation Dr. NE
Atlanta, GA 30324
W: 404-230-5541
H: 770-474-4483

Eileen Guenther, ex officio

AGO Staff Support:

F. Anthony Thurman, DMA
Director of Development and Communications

Abigail Loyal
Financial Administrator