National Membership Directory

In cooperation with Harris Connect, an industry leader in directory publishing for nearly 50 years, the AGO will publish a 2016 National Membership Directory. The last time the Guild produced a similar document was in 2011. AGO members’ high level of interest in that edition delighted our publisher and exceeded our expectations, which is why the Guild was invited to participate in the program once again. Harris Connect, rather than the AGO, will bear all data collection, printing, and distribution costs. All AGO members will be invited to purchase a copy of the directory which will be available in hardbound, soft cover, and read-only CD ROM editions, but there is no obligation to do so. Members will be eligible to be listed for free regardless of whether they purchase the directory.

The 2016 edition will include for the first time a “Member Showcase” section. Members may elect to be included in this special section at no charge. It will list members alphabetically with one black and white or 4-color photograph, a caption, and/or an essay of up to 300 words. The essay, photograph, and caption will be collected exclusively through an online questionnaire portal.

The core of the book is the biographical section which will list all Guild members alphabetically. The presentation for each member will include up to two academic degrees and non-AGO certifications earned with the years earned and institution names; up to two Guild certifications earned; primary chapter name for chapter members; current job title; employer name, address and telephone number; residence address and phone number; and one preferred email address.

The Directory will also include a geographical section listing members alphabetically under state headings and city subheadings, or under country headings for members outside the U.S.

The data collection and validation process will commence in late January. Guild members will receive either an e-mail communication or a form in the mail inviting them to verify and update their contact information.  Harris Connect staff members will endeavor to speak with all members by telephone to verify the accuracy of their data and invite members to purchase the directory. Please be assured that this is a legitimate request for information undertaken to create a comprehensive, accurate, and historically valuable record of the Guild’s membership in 2016.

Consistent with past practice, the 2016 Membership Directory will be made available exclusively to AGO members. It will not be sold to the general public.  All information that is compiled will be strictly confidential for use only by AGO members and staff. Moreover, the contents of the directory will be fully protected by U.S. Copyright Laws. Any unauthorized reproduction or use of the material is strictly prohibited.

This 2016 Directory is a component of our 2015-2016 membership recruitment and retention campaign.  New members will be listed in the directory along with renewing members as long as their information has been received at AGO Headquarters in accordance with the publication’s timetable.

Individuals who do not wish to be included in the publication may simply opt out of it. Their names and contact information will be omitted wholly or in part upon request.

Members are strongly encouraged to place their orders for the Directory prior to its publication as the number of copies printed will be based on the number of orders received.

As in prior years, the 2016 Directory will include a special section for those members who have earned Guild certification.  This section will list each level of certification and the current members who have earned that certification.  If an individual has earned more than one certification, that person’s name will only appear under the highest certification earned.  For example, an individual with an SPC and CAGO will appear only under the CAGO heading. The only exception is that anyone who earned a ChM will appear under that heading as well.

The 2016 Directory project will complement our ONCARD “Find a Guild Member” feature by providing a non-digital means for each AGO member to locate and communicate with every other member of the Guild. That’s why we ask that everyone participate.

The Directory will come off press in late August. Members who order a copy can expect to receive it in September.