Meet Your New National Council and Regional Councillors

Here are the results of the AGO 2016 elections. New officers will be installed during the AGO National Convention in Houston, June 19-23.

Officers and National Councillors:

Vice-President/Councillor for Competitions and New Music:
Secretary/Councillor for Communications:
Treasurer/Councillor for Finance and Development:
Councillor for Conventions:
Councillor for Education:
Councillor for Membership:

Michael Bedford
Eileen J. Hunt
Mary Stutz
Barbara Adler
Michael Velting
Don Cook
David K. Lamb

Regional Councillors:

Northeast Region:
Mid-Atlantic Region:
Southeast Region:
Great Lakes Region:
North Central Region:
Southwest Region:
West Region:
Cheryl J. Duerr
Glenn L. Rodgers
Homer Ferguson III
Karl Bruhn
Marilyn Schempp
Vicki Schaeffer
Matthew Burt

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