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[Updated 31 May 2018]

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Sumer Is Icumen In!

This very, very old song, “Sumer is icumen in, loudly sing cuckoo . . . ” celebrates the beginning of summer, as we are doing right now. Finally! After a long winter that seemed like it would never end. Ah, summer! A time to relax in the sunshine, putter in your garden, go to the beach, enjoy cookouts with friends, go for walks. Maybe you will be inspired, as Beethoven was on his long outdoor walks. Whatever you like to do, I hope you will all take opportunities to relax and enjoy yourselves so that your energy will be renewed and your spirit refreshed.

As I’ve said before, it’s important to take care of yourself. Who else is going to do it? Not only do you feel better and enjoy your life more when you are taking care of yourself, but you can work more joyfully when you are happy and well-nurtured and relaxed.

So get out and do whatever floats your boat, swings your hammock, lights your barbecue, beats your drum, pops your cork, melts your butter, flies your kite, revs your engine, scratches your itch, shoots your fireworks. Or whatever powers your great, opens your swell box, pumps your bellows, or strikes your chimes. You’ll be better for it, and so will the people you work with.

And while you’re at it, you might start making plans for your choir, learn a new piece, review a few pieces you haven’t played in a while, and reflect on what you love about what you do.

I’ve enjoyed being your dean, and now I’m ready to let someone else do it!

Elizabeth Limkemann, Dean

Elizabeth Limkemann, Dean




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Upcoming Chapter Event



Sunday, June 3
5:30 PM
Latitude 41° Restaurant & Tavern
Mystic Seaport
With optional boat ride at 3:30–ticket info below!

We will hold our annual meeting after dinner at Latitude 41° Restaurant & Tavern, Mystic Seaport. Dinner begins at 5:30 PM. If you plan to have dinner with us, please make a reservation with Elizabeth at 860 536-2136 or e-mail her: (elim44[at]99main[dot]com).

Some of us also plan to take the Seaport’s 90-minute downriver cruise on the Sabino at 3:30. You can purchase your ticket individually for this. Tickets are $18, and you just show up. For more information about the Sabino cruise see the SABINO:STEAMBOAT page.

Note that elections will be held after dinner, during the annual meeting. Here is the slate of officers:

Dean – Matthew Provost
Sub-dean – Maryann McCary
Member-at-large – John Anthony
Member-at-large – Ellen Bowlin
Member-at-large – Susan Paisley

Continuing on the executive board are: Susan Jones, treasurer; Armand Lambert, secretary; and Simon Holt, member-at-large.



Things Great & Swell  is published on the first of each month from September through June, with one unscheduled summer issue published at the Dean’s discretion. Issues are disseminated to members only via e-mail (or snail mail, as needed).

Online archiving of past issues here is currently in progress.



The mission of the American Guild of Organists is to foster a thriving community of musicians who share their knowledge and inspire passion for the organ. Membership in the New London County chapter of the AGO is open to anyone with an interest in the organ and to all organists from new beginners to seasoned performers.

The New London chapter welcomes church musicians regardless of education or ability.

A directory of local members is published and disseminated annually. To update your information in the directory or provide other content, please contact Matthew Provost (matthew.n.provost [at] gmail [dot] com).



We regret to say that our former placement officer has relocated to another state and chapter! A willing volunteer to serve in this capacity is currently being sought.

Meanwhile employers and job seekers are invited to log in and post or search listings of available positions on the AGO national website. Also, you may join our chapter to receive the monthly Things Great & Swell  which does publish relevant local information!



For local information about continuing education opportunities or official AGO Exams, you may contact John Anthony (jpant [at] conncoll [dot] edu).



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DEAN Elizabeth Limkemann (elim44 [at] 99main [dot] com)

SUB DEAN Myra Day (myraday [at] aol [dot] com)



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