AGO and GEICO = Member Benefits

Dear AGO Member:

AGO National Headquarters sent you a message earlier today inviting you to access a range of discounted insurance products available to AGO members.  (The subject line inadvertently included the word, “Test.”)  I am writing to provide some background information about how the offering contained in that message has a larger significance for AGO members.

You might remember that the message was addressed “Dear educator.”  This is not normally the way we address our members, so that deserves some explanation.  The message was prepared by the staff at Forrest T. Jones, the administrator of the Trust for Insuring Educators (TIE).  The AGO is a member of TIE, a consortium of approximately 65 national professional associations whose members are educators.  We were eligible to join TIE because many of our members are employed as teachers.  Even those who are not educators often teach children and adults in religious institutions and at public concerts about the organ, organ music, liturgy, and music generally.

One of the benefits of being a member of TIE is that we can offer our members a curated selection of competitively priced, high quality insurance products. Our sole objective in doing so is to save our members money while providing coverages many members need.  The AGO does not receive a commission of any kind or a percent of sales.  We are only reimbursed for the cost of the mailings. We did not provide GEICO or TIE with our members’ email addresses.

AGO past president John Walker and I have both personally experienced substantive cost savings on car insurance by taking advantage of GEICO’s participation in the TIE program.  While there is no guarantee that every member will experience cost savings, we invite you to request a quote and judge for yourself.

Best wishes,



James E. Thomashower

Executive Director

P.S.  Below is the advertisement for GEICO that appears on page 9 of the March 2017 issue of TAO.  With thanks to Len Levasseur and the Historic Organ Restoration Committee, the ad features the well-traveled GEICO gecko on the bench of the Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall organ, the largest organ in the world (as measured by the number of pipes: over 33,000).  That organ, by the way, will be featured at our 2019 Regional Convention for the Mid-Atlantic Region.