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April 2016 Chapter News

Northeast Region Greater Bridgeport, CT July 1, members and friends of the chapter gathered in New Haven at the Greek Olive restaurant for the annual meeting, prior to a re­cital by Thomas Murray at Woolsey Hall as part of the AGO Northeast Regional Convention. Past deans present were David Yoder, RoseAnne Homola, Flora Major, John Michniewicz, Carole Fanslow, and Barbara Bayers. The Rev. Meg B. Williams (current dean) pre­sided at the meeting. • October 18, the 14th annual Pipescreams program was held at United Congregational Church. Host organist was John Michniewicz; Frank Martignetti chaired the event, ably assisted by other chapter members. Included in the program were the Norma Pfriem Children’s Choir of the host church, the … [Read more...]

March 2016 AGO Chapter News

Northeast Region Berkshire, MA September 19, the chapter held a Pedals, Pipes & Pizza event, featuring various exhibits, at Zion Lutheran Church in Pittsfield. The organ was dem­onstrated by Scott Bailey (dean), Matthew McConnell presented a harpsichord demonstration, John Terauds presented a brief history of the organ (in 20 PowerPoint slides), and Joy Mullen (sub-dean) provided information about the Guild and its programs. Children present were able to sit at the console and try out the instrument. Pizza was provided afterward. • October 17 at Trinity Episcopal Church in Lenox, the chapter and the Cantilena Chamber Choir presented a concert titled “O Be Joyful in the Lord: Sacred Music for Choir and Organ.” It was preceded by … [Read more...]

The AGO’s Three New Music Competitions Are Now Open to Entries

Competitions for new music are an important part of the Guild’s commitment to the future of organ and choral music. Seeking to draw on particular individual strengths, the AGO Committee on New Music has developed a procedure wherein composers submit proposals for commission rather than compose for stipulated criteria. For more information see the AGO/Marilyn Mason, AGO/ECS, and Pogorzelski-Yankee sections. Application deadlines are as follows: AGO/ECS: July 1 Marilyn Mason: July 1 Pogorzelski-Yankee: August 31st Applications are now being accepted online. … [Read more...]

Scholarship Application for Pipe Organ Encounters (POE)

The deadline for POE Scholarship applications is Friday, April 15, 2016. Need-based scholarship aid is available to cover full or partial registration fees for attending a POE (POE or POEA, only, not POE+). Funds are limited, and scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Scholarship applications for both POE and POEA events require two forms to be submitted by the deadline--one by the family of the student and one by the student’s teacher. Use the links below to complete your application for a 2016 Pipe Organ Encounter POE Student Application & Parent Information Form POE Teacher Recommendation Form POEA Student Application & Parent Information Form POEA Teacher Recommendation Form … [Read more...]

Listen to Sept Hommages, Claude Baker’s 2016 Pogorzelski-Yankee Award-winning Piece

Mr. Baker’s commissioned piece, Sept Hommages, was premiered Sunday March 13, 2016 (3PM) at Indiana University of Pennsylvania by Kola Owolabi. Before the recital, Dr. Baker participated in a half-hour interview with Dr. John Levey, who teaches composition at IUP. He spoke about his music, commented on the composition of Sept Hommages, and took questions from the audience. The Ronald G. Pogorzelski and Lester D. Yankee Annual Competition is the AGO’s newest competition. Both the interview and performance are available for viewing on YouTube: Claude Baker interview Kola Owalabi performance … [Read more...]

Vote Today for the AGO Leaders of Tomorrow

VOTE HERE Read the candidate biographies in the April TAO, pages 8-21. (Login with ONCARD username and password required.) The governance of the AGO is vested in its National Council, a small cohort of volunteer Guild members elected by their peers to serve in a leadership capacity. All Council members serve two-year terms. Council­lors may serve up to five consecutive terms but can hold the same position for no more than three consecutive terms. The Council currently consists of seven members, including four officers and three councillors with portfolio. It will expand to eight members if the majority of voting Guild members pass amendments to the bylaws that the current National Council has already approved (see details … [Read more...]

April 2016 TAO Cover Feature Article

St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church Carmel Valley, CA Dobson Pipe Organ Builders, Lake City, IA By John A. Panning These days, it would be easy to believe that pipe organs have become trophy items, affordable only by large or significantly wealthy churches. There is a grain of truth to this. Hollowed out by elec­tronic imitations and shifting tastes in worship music, 
the market for pipe organs has changed. While our magazine covers continue to feature large, even enormous, instruments, the number of two-manual “normal church organs” that allowed The Diapason to print an annual issue devoted to their design is now much reduced. In particular, the promise once attached to mechanical-action instruments of modest size seems not to have … [Read more...]