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January 2016 TAO Chapter News

Northeast Region Waterbury, CT September 11, a catered dinner was held on a patio atop Albritton Hall at Wesleyan University. The weather and view were spectacular. The dinner was followed by the annual “Bach to School” recital by resident professor Ronald Ebrecht on the university’s Holt­kamp organ in Memorial Chap­el. The program included fun pieces by local composer Neely Bruce with jazz influence and percussion accompaniment. • October 30, a chapter meeting was held at Bristol Baptist/Synergy Church, where members were encouraged to invite and bring friends who may not be members of the AGO. A pizza dinner was provided, time was allowed for getting to know one another, and the year’s upcoming programs were outlined. Then, … [Read more...]

Sales of New Book on Allen Organ History to Benefit the AGO Annual Fund

Jerome Markowitz, founder of Allen Organ Company, has written a fascinating history of the origins of digital-sound-based products. Triumphs and Trials of an Organ Builder is a uniquely American story of innovation, perseverance, and intrigue. It's a must-read for anyone interested in the roots of digital sound. Markowitz built his first experimental organ in 1936 and, with the exception of the World War II years, was an organ builder and businessman until his passing in 1991. In addition to being chief executive officer of Allen Organ Company, he held over 25 patents. During the month of January, 2016, all proceeds from the sales of the paperback or Kindle version of Triumphs and Trials of an Organ Builder will be donated … [Read more...]

Applications for the 2016-2017 Pogorzelski-Yankee scholarship will be accepted until February 15, 2016

The Pogorzelski-Yankee Memorial Scholarships are presently awarded for a period of up to four years for undergraduate awardees and up to two years for graduate school awardees. One freshman ($7,500) and one first year graduate ($15,000) will be awarded in March 2016. Applicants are expected to have existing talent and achievements in the field of organ playing and an expressed commitment post-graduation to teaching, performing, or other serious endeavor with respect to the organ. Applicants must also demonstrate financial need. The online application period ends February 15, 2016. … [Read more...]